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Typically a fat person’s fat cells tend to be three times larger as compared to a person having an ideal body composition. Researches suggest that in a fat person these fat cells are biologically active, secreting many hormones & chemicals that affect almost every organ in the body.
Unlike others targeting only weight loss, we at TAF take you through a customized and highly integrated plan to reverse your FAT comprising of:

TAF Fun Workout      TAF Good Food Good Nutrition     TAF Clinical Correction     TAF Counter Stress

To have a completely fit body requires a dedicated workout plan. To do so, we assess and offer you the right kind of workout plan.

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Getting you freedom from stress and bringing your mind to a tranquil state is the goal of TAF rejuvenate program.

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With your fat reversed its time to join TAF FIT FOR LIFE. Under this program you are guided to appropriate workout/ fitness plan based on your body composition analysis.

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