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Month: April 2017

Strive For Your Best Version. Don’t Starve


With summer right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to ditch all the comfort food that you have hogged on this winter. Keep the guilt aside, and consider how going a little easy on our regular eating patterns and restricting food intermittently can bring a difference to your lifestyle.

You must be wondering what intermittent fasting is all about. Read on to get familiar with a different approach to your daily eating pattern.

Fasting once a week is an ancient tradition which is now gaining more popularity because it drives you towards a healthier lifestyle. Intermittent fasting is no hard weight loss technique but is an approach of extending your fasting period, and becoming conscious of your overall eating schedule.


                                                                      But wait! Is it right for you?



The answer is Yes, because we all are constantly eating everyday and providing our bodies with a ready stream of glucose for energy, this in turn leaves our body with little reason to break down the toxins. There is, however, limited storage space; and once that is reached, the liver starts to turn the excess glucose into fat. This process is called De-Novo Lipogenesis (meaning literally Making Fat from New).

Glucose is the body’s immediate preferred fuel. Thus, we need to cut down on our glucose source by intermittent fasting or cutting down on our caloric intake in order to break down the toxins, process and release, resulting in a healthier body.

So, two complementary food energy storage systems exist in our bodies. One is easily accessible but with limited storage space (glycogen), and the other is more difficult to access but has unlimited storage space (body fat).

The process goes in reverse when we do not eat (fasting). Insulin levels fall, signaling the body to start burning stored energy as no more is coming through food.




There are several forms of intermittent fasting, out of which the 5:2 ratio method is my personal favorite.

Why 5:2 method?








5:2 method as the name says is about eating whatever you want five days a week, and send your body to the fasting mode for two. You reduce your calorie intake to a quarter of your daily needs. This is about 500 calories per day for women, and 600 for men. You can choose any two days according to your preference. However, Mondays and Thursdays are the preferred days.

Benefits of 5:2 method

  • Easy to follow
  • Improves brain function
  • Improved Cholesterol levels
  • Reduced risk of heart attacks

On fasting days some report feeling low in energy, having poor concentration and experiencing headaches and dizziness. It is advised not to follow this method if you are pregnant or diabetic.


  • Keep yourself hydrated with water and herbal teas
  • Include vegetables and protein


  • Stress.
  • Exercise vigorously during the fast days.

Quick food list for your fast days:

  • A generous portion of vegetables and fruits.
  • Natural yogurt with berries.
  • Boiled eggs.
  • Soups (freshly made vegetable soups).
  • Tea.
  • Fruit infused water and vegetable juice.
  • Nuts.

I won’t say that this method is a quick-fix for all your weight woes, but I do think that it is much easier to stick to and is definitely an effective way to lose weight and improve your metabolic health. Remember, the key to this method is a balanced eating.

At TAF, we follow GOOD FOOD GOOD NUTRITION philosophy and don’t advocate starvation at all. Make moderation a way of life and you will be your best version for sure. Feel free to contact our team of nutritionists to help you plan a balanced and moderate diet plan for being your best version.

Happy to help!!

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DEEPAKJIT SINGH CEO Encompass Singapore

TAF is a very nice and relaxing complete experience. The complete and comprehensive holistic approach has helped me reducing “inches” from specific areas. The combination of treatments has made me fit back into my jeans. All the best and wishing a very successful future.

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