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No Weight Gain this winter

No Weight Gain this winter

No Weight Gain this winter

Winter does little favours for the way we look nicely clad in bright colour attires. Butexposure to the harsh elements such as biting winds and dry central heating creates a broad range of problems for the body from dry chapped lips to overall dryness in the body. But the problem which is gravest of all is accumulation of Fat in our body during Winters.Research shows that most of us could gain up to 1 kg in a typical winter month. That may not sound like much but, over a decade, it can add up.While our clothes can hide the flab during winters but onset of summer makes us feel miserable about it. However, preventative measures can be taken to address the problem.
First let us look at the Main reason for weight gain in winters:

The two main reasons we put on weight in winter are:
1)Not enough physical activity
2)Eating more calories due to increased demand of comfort food by the body.

Now Let us look at solutions for both the issues:

Exercise blues-

Cold weather and shorter days can make it harder to find the motivation to exercise outdoors.
This means you’re missing out on your recommended 150 minutes a week of physical activity.
If you are also consuming the same amount of calories, or perhaps even more with heavier, warming winter food, this can lead to weight gain.

Get active in winter

When the temperature drops, it’s easy to give up on being active outdoors. In winter, we might do fewer calorie-burning outdoor activities, such as cycling, short walks and gardening.
Cold weather doesn’t mean you have to abandon physical activity completely. Instead, try to fit in what you can, and think about indoor activities, too.

For example:

  • Even a short, brisk walk can make you feel warmer. It will also help boost your circulation.
  • Put on some warm clothes and jog around the neighbourhood. Most leisure centres have heated swimming pools, and indoor tennis and badminton courts.
  • If you’d rather stay at home, then buy or download some dance or workout DVDs.
  • Walk up the stairs at work rather than using the lift.
  • Try indoor classes, such as yoga, pilates, aerobics and spinning.

Food blues-
Here is step by step guide for dealing with food blues.
Stock your kitchen cupboards
Make it easier to prepare a healthy meal by keeping your cupboard stocked with healthy staples.Healthy store-cupboard staples include:

  • Green vegetables like sarsonbathuapalak
  • Cinnamon & Honey and jaggery
  • beans and pulses
  • Fruits like carrots and oranges and goose berries guavas pomegranates
  • Millet flour like Bajra jowar and makai
    Nuts and seeds
    Eating a wide variety of foods ensures you get a range of nutrients, including essential vitamins and minerals.
    Look out for seasonal vegetables – such as spinach, carrots, turnips, etc
    Drinking carrot spinach and amla juice in breakfast alond with some nuts can make you glowing and keeps the hunger at bay.

    Try these healthier alternatives:

    • Opt for a healthier version of gajar halwa instead –Boil carrot and milk together for a long duration in double toned milk, use stevia for sweetness.

    healthier version of gajar halwa

    • Opt for boiled eggs, roasted chicken/paneer or plain unsalted popcorn with drinks – they’re a good alternative to crisps and salted nuts.
    • Choose Jaggery instead of table sugar – both are a good source of carbohydrate, calories are there in jaggery too. but jaggery contains high amount of iron and other nutrients so you can use in limited quantity to have the benefit of the nutrients.
    • Choose double toned/toned milk instead of full cream – the fat reserves will stay in control.
    • Opt for winter millets, pearl (bajra) and yellow corn (makki) flour– due to their high fibre and mineral content, they keep the blood flow good in the winters and packed with fiber.Instead of having a ghee laden parantha you can opt for a bajra roti with curd.
  •  Opt for cinnamon tea and herbal teas for the repeated warm fluid cravings.It will keep the insulin in the active mode thereby preventing the  fat accumulation.
  • The swaps could be many, like adding pureed/ chopped greens to all your chapattis and chillas to making a fruit cream with yoghurt and nuts for making you feel full in the winter chill.
    Please Feel free to get in touch with our Nutritionists for all the inputs.

    TAFCHEF makes green wraps and lentil pancakes with nutrient dense smoothies and cinnamon teas for an indulgence meal. Call for a meal or have it here in the warm ambiance at the centre.
    Embrace the suggested changes and you will not feel sad when you open your summer closet this time. Please Note-Grandma’s remedy for cracked lips and dryness -put two drops of mustard oil in the Naval at bedtime it works !! like lubrication to the whole body!! Try it out!!


    Beat that cellulite blues at Tafwellness

    How to Beat cellulite blues

    The presence of cellulite is cosmetic problem for women. It is largely observed in the thighs and Butt with its ‘orange-peel’ or ‘cottage cheese’ appearance. It is a complex problem involving the microcirculatory system and lymphatics, the extracellular matrix and the presence of excess subcutaneous fat that bulges into the dermis. Weight loss has been reported to improve the cellulite severity by surface topography measures although in obese people skin dimpling does not seem to change appreciably Cellulite.

    We at TAF treat this condition with various methods which are FDA approved and assembled on scientific methodology.

    Here are the technologies that we choose from for reduction in cellulite

    Technologies that we choose from for reduction in cellulite

    1. Cryolipolyisis

    We freeze that extra bit of cellulite and fat through Cryolipolysis using Cool shape an innovative Cool Shaping System currently very popular across Europe and the USA.

    Cool shape safely delivers precisely controlled cooling to gently and effectively target the fat cells buried underneath the skin. Its cooling sensor and the cool pad shapes your body without pain. The treated fat cells are crystallized without damaging the skin or surrounding tissue of the blood vessel and the nerve. Over time, your body naturally processes the fat and eliminates these dead cells.

    2. Ultrasound Lipolysis

    U- lipo is an intelligent alternative to surgical liposuction. A new way to reduce unwanted fat from the body & to achieve Circumference reduction and body contouring. A combination of ultrasound and Radio frequency with vacuum suction.

    How does it work?

    The Low Frequency Ultra sound technology of U-Lipo allows a predetermined amount of energy to be focused on to the subcutaneous adipose tissue. The Ultra sound waves cause oscillations within the cell which causes the fat and water within the cell to emulsify due to continued exposure. It also causes cell membranes to rupture thus permanently destroying the fat cells.

    Non-Ablative Radio Frequency or NARF

    Advanced NARF technology delivers the optimal RF energy to the dermal & subcutaneous layers. It targets the elastic fibres of the skin, which causes collagen regeneration, collagen remodelling& skin tightening. The desired result: tighter, younger looking skin immediately and long-term skin remodelling. Heating the fat cells accelerates metabolism and causes them to shrink. The rise in temperature forces fat cells to secrete fatty acids (liquid fat), which are disposed via the blood and lymph system. The desired result: fat and circumference reduction and minimized cellulite appearance

    3. Maximus

    We use MAXIMUS a radio frequency based technology with dynamic muscle activator for cellulite reduction. The radio frequency thermal energy liquefies the fatand tightens the collagen fibres helps to dramatically reduce – localized fat and cellulite. The procedure is virtually painless and requires minimal downtime. It requires 6-8 sessions to give the effect on cellulite reduction.

    4. Contour wrap

    We do the most effective contour wraps to give you the perfectly toned body. The contour wrap starts with the massage of the localized area with fat burning ayurvedic oils followed by a detoxifying warm pack. The toxin elimination and the enhanced blood flow give you the smoothed curves and a complete rejuvenating effect.The appearance of cellulite drastically reduces with this wrap.

    Cellulite is a condition which needs specialized treatment and customized combination.

    Cellulite reduction program at TAF gives result which are visible and long lasting…  Beat that cellulite blues, flaunt your non- cellulite smooth thighs with right treatment Don’t struggle with it.

    Happy to Help


    Superfoods for a superb life – Let’s catch up with the trend!


    We can’t deny that as we age chronologically, so does our body. We are often made to believe that a specific food is healthier than it really is but the truth is eating smart is what helps you maintain a healthy life. To eat a balanced diet, you must include “superfoods” in your daily regimen. Superfoods act as multi-taskers, include lots of nutrients, less of calories and are delicious. But with great food comes a great concern! What if these superfoods are too heavy on your pockets to include them in your daily diet??

    To make it simple for you we have sorted 8 easy-to-eat, easy-to-find, everyday “super” foods which do not have to break your pockets. Take a look at the list and thank us later!

    #Superfood1- Apple cider vinegar

    I am sure you all have likely heard of apple cider vinegar even if you are not too much into organic shopping. This pungent liquid is made from fermented apples and is often used in salads and stir-fries.However,its more famous for the weight loss elements and has made its way to all health conscious people’s daily regimen. I don’t say that Apple cider vinegar is a quick fix which will instantly help you lose fat or do magic in a week’s time, but experts say that it helps subside your appetite and thus help you achieve your weight loss targets.

    apple cider vinegar

    It is a natural cleansing and healing elixir because of its high probiotic content, natural acidity and its ability to alkalinize the body. Due to it’s acidic nature it helps you in digesting foods and protects you from acidic reflux to help you keep a good metabolism and a healthy skin. Not only this but it is also considered to improve blood sugar levels hence naturally adding to your weight loss goals along with reducing inflammation and body pain. For those who are wondering where to get it from,you may find it at any local chemist or a supermarket. It is best to consume a raw and unpasteurized form of the vinegar for the best results. I recommend to try Bragg’s organic Apple cider vinegar.

    How to use it?

    • For beginners ,all you need to do is add 1 teaspoon of ACV to a cup of water and drink it once a daimyo may increase the amount of vinegar per serving, and the frequency of drinking gradually.
    • According to research on ACV and weight loss, you should consume a daily amount of 2tablespoons of vinegar mixed with a cup of water.

    Tip: Be patient! The changes will be gradual, but permanent. Don’t be impatient and allow it some time as slow and steady wins the race.


    #Superfood2- Almonds

    Almonds, once considered fattening, have recently gained importance and are included in the “superfood” list. Due to their health properties, they have recently come back in the “must-eat” and favorite snacks of celebrities and chefs. Almonds are easily available in the market and not so heavy on your pocket at all. They are the easiest to add in your daily diet if you know the right portion to have .


    Touted as the most diet & pocket friendly nut, almonds are high in protein, and are very filling. It is proven to have reduced the risks of heart diseases, diabetes and cholesterol. They have high levels of vitamin E & magnesium, which helps in improving blood flow and keep the arteries calm. As almonds are vitamin E enriched, they give your skin the right glow needed. It is said a handful of almonds is equal to an apple a day. You just need to be careful about the quantity. We recommend as many as 8-12 almonds per day.

    How to use them?

    • Slice a few almonds in your daily salads.
    • Chop a few in Greek yoghurt or plain yoghurt to add some crunch to the boring yoghurt.
    • Simply grab a handful when you want to snack in between your meals, keep a check on the portion though.

    Tip: Have soaked almonds for a better result.


    #Superfood3- Broccoli

    There is absolutely no doubt that all green vegetables are nutritious and healthy, but broccoli is a true superfood. It’s rich nutritional value have many surprising health benefits. Some of them include, eye health, improving the immune system, reducing inflammation and improving the condition of arteries damaged by diabetes and reducing the risk of some forms of cancer. Coming on to calories, broccoli makes an ideal choice to help in weight loss for several reasons. The major reason being the presence of soluble fiber content which helps to curb overeating. Broccoli of any kind is rich in nutrients. Raw broccoli is an excellent source of vitamins C and K. In fact, one cup of fresh broccoli contains more than 100% of our daily requirement for these nutrients. Broccoli is a good source of vitamin A in the form of beta-carotene, which our bodies change into the type of vitamin A that we need.


    How to use?

    • Go Raw: The best way to eat broccoli is in form of salad.
    • Steam it: You can steam it in the microwave and have it with a pat of butter or toss it with garlic, olive oil, salt and vinegar.
    • Roast like toast: Nothing is better than an oil free cooking just like you do with the toast. You can rub some spices and roast the steamed broccoli,you may add some cheese for taste.

    Tip: Add some sugar while boiling or steaming the broccoli to keep it green throughout.



    They say big things come in small packages. The dictum fits in right when we look at the health benefits of flaxseeds. Flax seeds are tiny in size and are considered as a nutritional powerhouse. Packed with fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin-B, antioxidants and cancer-fighting lignans. All that you need to do is take a few teaspoons of flax seeds in your daily diet to benefit from this rich superfood.


    How to use?

    • You can ground some flax seeds and add them to the dough for rotis, cookies, breads, pancakes etc.
    • Add some flax seeds as a topping to your oats, cereals, soups, shakes and smoothies
    • It tastes awesome with yoghurt and keeps you filled.

    Tip: Try consuming it with the first meal of the day to get better results.


    #Superfood5- Spices: Turmeric

    “Old is Gold’ Turmeric may be trending now as a superfood but it is one of the oldest food used to treat almost everything from pain, arthritis, wounds to infections. Unlike other superfoods Turmeric is the easiest addition to your daily diet. Turmeric contains curcumin, a substance with powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.



    Tip: You can use raw turmeric, make a paste and mix it with any of your face packs to add a glow to your skin.


    #Superfood6- Spices: Cinnamon

    Whereas Cinnamon is high in a substance called cinnamaldehyde, which is responsible for most of the health benefits. The antioxidants in cinnamon have anti-inflammatory effects, which may help lower the risk of disease.



    Cinnamon has been shown to significantly increase sensitivity to the hormone insulin and shown to both reduce fasting blood sugar levels, having a potent anti-diabetic effect at 1 to 6 grams per day. Adding these to your daily diet is very simple. All you need to do is:

    • Include it in your daily cooking, as it has a very mild flavor and goes well in almost every dish.
    • You can add a teaspoon of turmeric to a glass of warm milk and drink it every night before going to bed.
    • Add a pinch of Cinnamon to your tea.
    • Add Cinnamon to your detox water
    • You can sprinkle cinnamon powder in your oatmeal recipes

    Tip: You may add some cinnamon powder to the turmeric milk for a better taste.



    This superfood grain is packed with fiber including Vitamin B&E. It is said to be rich in iron and selenium as well as cholesterol free. It contains both soluble and insoluble fiber. The soluble fiber helps the body in metabolizing fats, cholesterol, carbohydrate and helps in keeping the blood sugar in control whereas the insoluble fiber also known as roughage helps in promoting a healthy digestive system and reduces the risk of cancer such as a colon cancer.


    The fiber in barley provides food for the beneficial bacteria in the large intestine. This is important as the “good” bacteria can eliminate the disease-causing bacteria in the intestinal tract, further resulting in greater health and disease resistance.

    How to use?

    • Ditch your regular oatmeal breakfast and try consuming a bowl of barley along with brown sugar and nuts of your choice. You will love the nutrient packed breakfast.
    • Add it as your salad base.
    • Add it in your favorite soup for a change.

    TIP: You can add barley to a variety of recipes starting from salads, soups to dessert.



    Sattu or gram Flour is one of the most overlooked and underrated superfood. Thankfully, youngsters are now much more aware of the health benefits of sattu, and it is precisely why in recent times this power powder has gained importance.


    It is one of those wonder food that provides you an instant energy and a high source of protein for vegetarians. (100 grams of sattu deliver close to 20 grams of protein).Since it has soluble fiber it helps you keep your gut clean and is a great source to detox. Those complaining of gas, acidity and constipation, we recommend you must try including it in your daily diet to get rid of your problems. Sattu can be consumed in various forms starting from a simple energy drink to stuffed parathas. It is mostly consumed during summers to keep your body cool.

    How to use?

    • Make a sattu drink with lemon salt and sugar.
    • Sprinkle some while kneading the dough
    • Stuff it in parathas or breads.

    Tip: Always add lemon to your sattu preparation. It gives you the tangy flavor you crave for.



    Who doesn’t like a glass of chilled buttermilk in the scorching heat? Buttermilk is one of the latest tending superfoods and is considered best for summers. The good bacteria in the buttermilk boost the digestion, providing low calorie nutrition to the body. Buttermilk or Chaas is a refreshing drink made from curd, water and few spices like cumin, curry leaves, ginger and salt, it is packed with numerous health benefits.




    It is the perfect drink to soothe your stomach and wash down the spices consumed while eating your food. It’s a great source to fight acidity and gives you an immediate relief from the discomfort.

    Butter milk is a great source of vitamin B, proteins and potassium. Buttermilk is an effective home remedy for treating severe constipation. Intake of a glass of buttermilk in the morning on empty stomach can provide relief from severe constipation. Buttermilk helps give lactose intolerant people their dose of calcium without causing an adverse reaction. Buttermilk is rich in lactic acid and the cosmetic industry has made extensive use of in its beauty products. It is good facial mask that softens, brightens and exfoliates the skin to give it a youthful look. At the same time, the acidic, astringent nature of lactic acid removes blemishes, freckles while tightening the sagging skin.

    How to use?

    • Drink as a summer cooler
    • Use in baking
    • You can use i to soak your favorite nuts

    Tip: A chilled buttermilk tastes the best. Keep it cool!



    Wheatgrass is said to be an excellent way to improve your immune system and detoxify your body. Belonging to the wheat plant Triticum Aestivum, wheatgrass is grown in different parts of the world and is packed with vitamins, iron, calcium, magnesium and selenium. Wheatgrass has almost 65 to 70% of chlorophyll, which is required to make blood. Chlorophyll also comprises enzymes which fights off all the harmful bacteria. Wheatgrass juice can be found at most juice bars and smoothie joints, but it’s also available in pill or powder form at many health food stores.




    How to use?

    • Add a spoon of wheatgrass powder or juice to your daily smoothie.
    • Add wheatgrass powder to a protein shake.
    • Stir a spoonful of wheatgrass powder into your bowl of oatmeal.
    • Add into your favorite vegetable soup.

     Tip: If taste is a challenge, start with the pill or powder.

    So, that was our list of 10 favorite superfoods to give you a fair idea of how to include them in your daily diet. For beginners, choose your favorite and don’t forget to pick one when you go for grocery shopping next. We are sure while going through the above list of superfoods, you might have thought about foods that are highly nutritional and keep you away from diseases. Superfoods help you a lot more than you think. They ensure a youthful skin as well as help you in maintaining your weight throughout. Different sources advocate different superfoods, but the list above are not only people’s favorite, delicious, easy on your pockets but are also very good for your health overall. The market is full of different products with different nutritional values but we at TAF Wellness suggest and help you to stay focused on selecting unprocessed, natural superfoods for maximum results. Our TAF experts recommends you to include a broad range of food types in your diet regimen as they work best when combined, so include a variety of fresh fruits, veggies and wholegrain for a balanced diet and optimal health.



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    pH That Makes You – Your Best Version


    ph balance

    You may have twitched your eyes every time you came across the term pH balance in various health articles, but do you really know what it’s all about? pH stands for “potential of hydrogen”. A lot of factors influence the pH balance in your body such as excess or lack of acid in your blood or the ability of your organs to filter carbon dioxide from your body. Whatever the reason may be, striking the right pH balance is a complex process but can be regulated with a healthy lifestyle.


    Most of us have never thought or considered the acid/alkaline balance of our blood, but the right pH balance plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy body. Experts claim that a body with the right pH balance keeps diseases and disorders at bay.

    You must be wondering what exactly do we call the right balance?

    Let me make it simple for you. The pH range can go between 1-14, where 1 is considered as highly acidic and 14 is highly alkaline. When the pH is 7.0 we call it neutral, so any number below 7 is within an acidic range and above 7 is within an alkaline range. Since pH levels fluctuate throughout the day due to environmental and the food factors, one must take proper care to keep the level stable and within the range.

    Is Your Body Too Acidic?

    There are two ways to check whether your body is too acidic. You can go by the day to day symptoms in your body, or you can do a simple at-home test. You can test your pH by purchasing strips at your local health foods store or pharmacy. You can measure your pH with saliva or urine. Your second urination of the morning will give you the best results. You compare the colors on your test strip to a chart that comes with your test strip kit. During the day, the best time to test your pH is one hour before a meal and two hours after a meal. If you test with your saliva, you want to try to stay between 6.8 and 7.2.


    Symptoms, effects and causes of an acidic body

    No Symptoms & effects Causes
    1 Constant fatigue Alcohol and drugs
    2 Easily running out of breath Overuse of antibiotics
    3 Frequent sighing Chronic stress
    4 muscle pain and cramps Excess use of computers, cell  phones and microwaves creating radiation
    5 Falling out of breath Lack of exercise
    6 Allergies, asthma and congestion Pollution


    7 Frequent cold poor chewing and eating habits
    8 Inflammation Processed and refined foods

    Tips to achieve a Proper pH?

    Achieving and maintaining the perfect pH level in your body is vital to your health. Maintaining an alkaline state of your body is a must.


    What is the Alkaline Diet?

    An alkaline diet also called the acid-ash diet is one that helps balance the pH level of the fluids in your body, including your blood and urine. Your pH is partially determined by the mineral density of the foods you eat. An alkaline environment within the body helps weight loss efforts, increases energy, and can boost the immune system. So if you eat foods with acidic ash, it makes your body acidic. If you eat foods with alkaline ash, it makes your body alkaline. By choosing more alkaline foods, you should be able to “alkalize” your diet and improve health.

    There are many ways to ensure to keep the pH balance within the range.

    1. Start your day with juice of half a lemon squeezed in a glass of warm water (citrus fruits seem acidic but are actually very alkaline)
    2. Eat lots of Power-food like fruits and vegetables as they contain potassium, which is a natural buffer to acidity.
    3. Make sure that 80 percent of your diet includes alkaline foods like Fruits, mushrooms, vegetables, especially Spinach, dates, citrus fruits, raisins Also, Increase your intake of raw foods, and try juicing or lightly steaming fruits and vegetables as they are said to be biogenic or life giving. Try Green drinks- Drinks made from green vegetables and grasses in powder form are loaded with alkaline-forming foods and chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is structurally similar to our own blood and alkalizes the blood.
    4. Chew your food as much as you can as Saliva is alkaline and you can produce two gallons a day!
    5. Stay hydrated, drink plenty of water as it can alone make a lot of difference.
    6. Avoid Caffeine, Sugar and Alcohol.


    While I’ve well explained the power food to include in your daily diet for increasing the alkaline in your body let’s now go through the list of Acidic-foods.

    • Cold cuts, beef, chicken and pork
    • Cornflakes and oats
    • Eggs
    • Lentils
    • Milk
    • Peanuts & walnuts
    • Pasta & Rice
    • White bread
    • Whole wheat

    Certain food groups are considered acidic, alkaline or neutral:

    • Acidic:Meat, poultry, fish, dairy, eggs, grains and alcohol.
    • Neutral:Natural fats, starches and sugars.
    • Alkaline:Fruits, nuts, legumes and vegetables.

    Thus, some foods on this list, like eggs and walnuts, might be acidic in your body, but don’t let that scare you away from eating them. They contain a host of health benefits like antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids. A balanced diet is what regulates pH Levels in the Body.



    To conclude The “efficacy” of the alkaline diet may have little to do with pH levels and more to do with the benefits of eating whole, organic food. In fact, nutrition affects gut health and overall wellness more than any other factor.

    A combination of solid, consistent nutrition with regular body cleansing helps your body be its best. No matter what your eating habits are, remember that a diet isn’t a “lose certain pounds and forget” kind of commitment.

    We at TAF Wellness believe that one should keep proper diet as a part of their lifestyle. You can’t just start eating healthy and quit after three months, to keep your pH balance in control, you must go the healthy way forever. Keeping in mind your day to day food cravings, the TAF chef offers you a great variety of healthy yet delicious food choices which can bring a drastic change to your body and mind. TAF chef is the perfect way for you to stick to your nutrition goals. Please feel free to contact our TAF experts for any queries here info@tafwellness.com or call us at 011-41629251.


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    Strive For Your Best Version. Don’t Starve


    With summer right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to ditch all the comfort food that you have hogged on this winter. Keep the guilt aside, and consider how going a little easy on our regular eating patterns and restricting food intermittently can bring a difference to your lifestyle.

    You must be wondering what intermittent fasting is all about. Read on to get familiar with a different approach to your daily eating pattern.

    Fasting once a week is an ancient tradition which is now gaining more popularity because it drives you towards a healthier lifestyle. Intermittent fasting is no hard weight loss technique but is an approach of extending your fasting period, and becoming conscious of your overall eating schedule.


                                                                          But wait! Is it right for you?



    The answer is Yes, because we all are constantly eating everyday and providing our bodies with a ready stream of glucose for energy, this in turn leaves our body with little reason to break down the toxins. There is, however, limited storage space; and once that is reached, the liver starts to turn the excess glucose into fat. This process is called De-Novo Lipogenesis (meaning literally Making Fat from New).

    Glucose is the body’s immediate preferred fuel. Thus, we need to cut down on our glucose source by intermittent fasting or cutting down on our caloric intake in order to break down the toxins, process and release, resulting in a healthier body.

    So, two complementary food energy storage systems exist in our bodies. One is easily accessible but with limited storage space (glycogen), and the other is more difficult to access but has unlimited storage space (body fat).

    The process goes in reverse when we do not eat (fasting). Insulin levels fall, signaling the body to start burning stored energy as no more is coming through food.




    There are several forms of intermittent fasting, out of which the 5:2 ratio method is my personal favorite.

    Why 5:2 method?








    5:2 method as the name says is about eating whatever you want five days a week, and send your body to the fasting mode for two. You reduce your calorie intake to a quarter of your daily needs. This is about 500 calories per day for women, and 600 for men. You can choose any two days according to your preference. However, Mondays and Thursdays are the preferred days.

    Benefits of 5:2 method

    • Easy to follow
    • Improves brain function
    • Improved Cholesterol levels
    • Reduced risk of heart attacks

    On fasting days some report feeling low in energy, having poor concentration and experiencing headaches and dizziness. It is advised not to follow this method if you are pregnant or diabetic.


    • Keep yourself hydrated with water and herbal teas
    • Include vegetables and protein


    • Stress.
    • Exercise vigorously during the fast days.

    Quick food list for your fast days:

    • A generous portion of vegetables and fruits.
    • Natural yogurt with berries.
    • Boiled eggs.
    • Soups (freshly made vegetable soups).
    • Tea.
    • Fruit infused water and vegetable juice.
    • Nuts.

    I won’t say that this method is a quick-fix for all your weight woes, but I do think that it is much easier to stick to and is definitely an effective way to lose weight and improve your metabolic health. Remember, the key to this method is a balanced eating.

    At TAF, we follow GOOD FOOD GOOD NUTRITION philosophy and don’t advocate starvation at all. Make moderation a way of life and you will be your best version for sure. Feel free to contact our team of nutritionists to help you plan a balanced and moderate diet plan for being your best version.

    Happy to help!!

    Team TAF

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    Sleep Restfully-To Be Your Best Version

    Sleep Restfully-To Be Your Best Version

    No one can deny this fact , when you sleep well, you look and feel your best..the next day…The advantages of this lovely downtime are so phenomenal and the act itself is so pleasant that it  makes you feel completely rejuvenated… empowering you to explore endless possibilities from each day!

    ….so what exactly does a rest full sleep do to our minds and bodies?

    In its amazing way of functioning, during sleep, most systems in our body are in an anabolic state, building up the immune system and repairing the wear and tear done to metabolic functions and committing new information to the brain through memory consolidation. Hard work! So while we sleep, the body works!!! Sounds like an oxymoron! but true and sleep makes it easily and seamlessly possible.

    But in today’s stressful and fast paced times, it seems hard to find just that .’a good nite’ rest full sleep..posing a threat to our wellbeing..in many ways..

    Sleep deprivation may cause weight gain by affecting the way our bodies process and store carbohydrates, and by altering levels of hormones that affect our appetite. In a nutshell, it means we may eat more and erratically, but also process it less effectively! Not a fun fact at all..

    And that’s not all! Less sleep may result in irritability, impatience, inability to concentrate, and moodiness, and serious sleep disorders have been linked to hypertension, increased stress hormone levels, and irregular heartbeat.

    So what is restful sleep..  We can call it restful if we fall asleep effortlessly end of day and sleep undisturbed for 6-8 hrs…waking up calm,alert, relaxed and full of energy!

    It seems like an impossible dream at times, the simple act of sleeping restfully…you’re wide awake at 3 a.m…. mind racing with thoughts and problems which won’t let you shut shop for the night…and that results in waking up under-rested and just not fresh…know the feeling? We all do, at times.

    But despair not, help is at hand and it’s all under your control. It’s now an established fact, in a study done by none other than Harvard University, that what you eat and how your mind works determines your sleep quality!

    Here are some top points to follow in order to get the best possible quality and quantity of sleep:


    Calming the body-

     Calming the body

    *Eat dinner at least three hours before bedtime. A full stomach may disrupt your sleep, and, the heavier the meal, the longer it takes for your stomach to settle down. Avoid foods high in carbohydrates or sugar and oily, greasy foods.

    *Avoid going to bed on an empty stomach. A completely empty stomach may interfere with your sleep patterns just as much as going to bed on a very full stomach.

    *If you find that your stomach is grumbling for food and is keeping you awake, eat a few nuts about an hour before bedtime.

    Foods like milk, yogurt, and peanuts contain tryptophan, which can help the body produce serotonin in order to relax. Snack on one of these

    *Avoid caffeine in the evening. This includes coffee, black teas, cocoa, and caffeinated soda. Caffeine can keep you awake even if you drink it earlier in the day, as its effects can last for up to 12 hours. This also includes other stimulants like those found in energy drinks even if they are not caffeine. Avoid tobacco products in the evenings as well.

    Instead, drink a relaxing warm beverage. Highly recommended beverages include a warm glass of milk or chamomile tea. However, most herbal teas are fine, as long as they have no caffeine.

    *Avoid Alcohol – After Alcohol you may feel sleepy, but it will also reduce the quality of your sleep as your body processes the alcohol and sugars, Alcohol tends to produce broken, shallow sleep (even if you don’t notice the periods of waking during the night), which makes you get up restless and low on energy]

    * Avoid drinking water or other fluids within one hour of your appointed bedtime

    *Ensure, though, that you drink at least two liters of water during the day.

    *A well-hydrated body will not wake you from thirst, but drinking a big glass of water just before bed might wake you for a bathroom break at an inconvenient time.


    Calming the Mind –

    Calming the Mind

    Having an active and creative imagination is a great gift. At night, though, it’s not always so great, especially if it’s keeping you awake. Don’t despair!

    Here are a few handy tips to help you fall asleep when your mind is over-active:

    * Establish a pre-sleep routine. This helps wind your system down so that your body and mind are relaxed when you finally crawl into bed. A regular routine helps your body know what’s coming when you do those activities or when it’s that time of day. Start your routine at least 30 minutes you plan on falling asleep.

    * Wash your feet –and keep a nice aroma oil or candle in your room… lavender or jasmine are great options.

    *Try reading, doing light stretches or yoga, listening to relaxing music, or watching some light, calming visuals.

    *Write down what’s on your mind. Keep a journal by your bed. An hour or so before bed, write down the thoughts whirling through your head. Try to be as detailed as possible. Think about emptying your head of any thoughts so it will be clear when you go to bed. This can also work with any anxieties. Think through your worries before bed so you’re not lying there and stressing.

    *Breathe from your left nostril. Breathing out of only your left nostril is supposed to help relax your sympathetic nervous system. This can calm your mind and imagination and help you fall asleep. Close your right nostril with the thumb of your right hand. Breathe in slowly and deeply through your left nostril. Hold, then exhale. Repeat, letting the tension release from your body.

    *Read. Engaging in a calming activity like reading before bed can help the body start to relax as it prepares for sleep. Since you don’t want to stimulate your imagination too much, make sure to read a book that won’t get your adrenaline or mind racing. Try something fun and soothing.

    * Try meditation before you go to sleep. Meditation calms the mind, and some types of meditation teach you how to clear your mind completely.  when you’re starting:

    Concentrate on each breath you take. Breathe slowly and enjoy each breath. Concentrate on how good it feels to be able to breathe. When you slow your breathing, this tends to slow your heart rate as well, which ultimately calms you down.

    Clear your head of all thoughts and focus on how good it feels to have your mind completely empty. If a thought comes into your mind, refocus, and just relax.

    Clear your head by throwing away the thoughts that keep you awake. Imagine a garbage bag. Lift up the predominant thought that keeps you awake from your head, and imagine that you put it in the bag. Now that this thought is out of your head, you can notice a previous thought popping up in your head. Throw this in the bag as well. Keep doing this until your head feels clear of thoughts. Then, tie up the bag and throw the bag as far away as you can imagine. You have now let go of the things that keep you awake, and you are ready to start falling asleep.

    Catching up restful sleep is one of the key factors in being your best version..If your body and mind feels worked up and you are unable to get restful sleep, TAF Rejuvenate program can be of great help. In this program, cell revival through Revive Aroma therapy and enhanced blood flow with Renew therapy has proven to enhance sleep quality…Do let us know if we can help you get a restful sleep …paving the way towards being your best version.

    We’re here for you!


    Team TAF

    Eat and Drink Water….. to be Your Best Version..

    Eat and Drink Water….. to be Your Best Version..

    If you could do one extremely simple thing that would help you keep your body in good shape, make your skin glowing and healthy, and keep you energetic all day long, you will jump to know it; Right? And what if I told you it is free and easily available, Awesome!! Right? And that super simple thing is to stay hydrated at all times with adequate water intake. You may not feel as thirsty during the winter months as you do during the summer ones, but hydration is crucial for your body to function in its optimum capacity, no matter what the weather is.

    We all know what water does for us like helping flush out toxins and waste products from our body, carrying nutrients around the body, lubricating joints, regulating body temperature and digestion.

    So what’s the best way to get the water we really need?

    Two ways to go about it – EAT AND DRINK WATER !!

    Let us talk about EAT WATER first-The intriguing concept of Eat water is given by Dr. Howard Murad.

    According to Dr. Murad, associate clinic professor of medicine at the University of California, Los Angeles, “Eating your water instead of drinking it all, is good for you.”

    Dr. Murad gave reasons why you should eat water;

    The body retains water better when we get much of our water by eating water-rich foods. Our body absorbs water better and more slowly when we eat water-rich foods because it’s trapped in the structure of these foods and these results in our body retaining the water better in our cellular structure, which means you are super hydrated and you get:

    Plump glowing skin-

    Tomatoes, oranges, watermelon, apple, pear, carrot, spinach, grapefruit, blueberries, cucumber, strawberries and coconut are some water rich foods that make your skin glow.

    Controls the calorie intake-

    If you are just watching your weight, eating water-rich foods would not just give you the water you need but also keep you fuller for longer. Substituting water-rich foods for high-calorie foods is one effective way of reducing calorie intake and fat from your diet.

    Checks the glucose level-

    Consumption of water-rich vegetables like cucumber, tomato, lemon, ginger, mint, coriander, carrot, bottle gourd and pumpkin don’t let the blood glucose level rise thus keeping it under control.

    EAT WATER all day in carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, pumpkins, water melons, kiwis..etc to achieve super hydration. Water infused with fruits & vegetables does not qualify for eat water. It just enhances the flavour of water.


    Like everything to be done in moderation, DRINK WATER also in moderation. Drinking too much water can actually deplete your body of vitamins and minerals if they are flushed out of the body too quickly. Drink moderate amounts of filtered water and count the fluids like infused water, green tea, herbal tea, buttermilk, lemon water also in your total intake.

    Here I am suggesting a regime which will help you stay hydrated and you won’t become a fish either which is;

    Have water:

    1. First thing in the morning as it is like bathing your body inside, thereby providing a medium for flushing out all toxins and free radical damage caused by Alcohol, junk food and environmental pollution.
    2. Half an hour before every meal and two hours after meal. However not while having meals, as it dilutes the medium in which food is being digested thereby affecting digestion.

    Following a water regime comes with many health benefits, some of them are:

    Drinking water before meals can result in consuming less calories at those meals, which can ultimately lead to weight loss. This is because the water provides a sense of fullness, so not as much food is needed to reach the point of satiation.

    Drinking water before each meal may not be the equivalent of drinking from the fountain of youth, but it sets the stomach at a neutral pH and more nutrients are absorbed from our food which certainly improves the nourishment which reflects on the skin and works as best anti aging formula.

    Following a water regime keeps the brain alert and active -human brain is 85 percent water which acts like a fuel to give the brain the electrical energy for all its functions. A hydrated brain is well fueled and performs efficiently.

    Keeping water regime keeps you energetic- Even slight dehydration can cause a drop in energy levels and you may feel fatigued. It makes sense as water is crucial for nearly every system of your body to function properly.

    And guess what? If you are thirsty, you are probably already slightly dehydrated.  Prevent this from happening by drinking water regularly throughout the day–a glass before each meal and two hours after every meal is the perfect way to stay on an energy-boost.

    To conclude eat and drink water… stay super hydrated & get to your best version!!

    Detox Simplified: Creating Your Best Version.

    Detox Simplified: Creating your best version...

    Hi there! Did you know that you’ve got an amazing cleansing machine running on full throttle at all times? ? Yes, it’s true and that fantastic machine is our body! We eat random stuff at irregular times, misuse and ill-treat our bodies, wrong food, irregular rest, partying hard and punishing routines…. but look how hard our body works for us! In spite of all our abuse, our body works non-stop to make us look and feel good….and that’s truly amazing!

    Now imagine what happens if we treat this body right, make a little extra effort to detox it, …. you’ve guessed it! It pays us back in full glowing measure by making us the best possible version of ourselves.
    Most of us equate a detox with deprivation. We think hunger, weird food, green juice colonics etc. All of which mean suffering. The good news is, you don’t have to suffer at all. In fact, it’s the exact opposite. Detox is the first step you need to take towards feeling good, and the best way to reset your life on a positive path…So let’s talk about Simplified Detox Version without pain and suffering.

    Firstly the symptoms that tell you when you need a detox..

    1. You wake up not feeling vibrant, alive, joyful and full of energy. Even if you are thin, you carry symptoms of toxic like fatigue, ache, digestive issues, allergies, headaches etc.

    2. You can’t lose weight and keep it off..

    The scientific establishment has convinced us that losing weight is just a matter of calories in/calories out, that it’s about energy balance, about eating less and exercising more. How’s that working out for you? Probably not so well! Problem is, The built up toxins due to eating lot of sugar or junk creates a stubborn toxin layer that messes up with any attempt at long-term weight loss.
    3. You can’t control your sugar and carb cravings…and it becomes like an addiction..and is controlling your mind.

    If you are experiencing any of the above mentioned symptoms.. you need a minimum 10 day-to a maximum 40 day Simplified detox to gain this control back ..

    Let’s talk about what needs to be done: Simplified Detox…

    No toxins or drugs, by which I mean Alcohol ,sugar, Refined flour, processed foods. You can eat plant food.. but no food made in plants.

    Also No animal food, no meats (come on, it’s just ten days!) No dairy except buttermilk.
    It means eating real food like potatoes and bananas for the Energy. Which you dread as starch..But these are Resistant starches.. Which help in the cleaning process

    Eat lots of greens and vegetables, apples and papaya for fiber. Extra dose of citrus fruits like oranges, kiwis and pomegranates for antioxidants & yes, you really will feel so nourished.

    Shun the meats. Get your protein fix from plant sources like lentils, quinoa, oats, amaranth, nuts and seeds.

    The best concoction to have first thing in the morning is the combination of anti-inflammatory(ginger & turmeric) and thermogenic(cinnamon & black pepper) spices.

    Anti-inflammatory foods

    Triphala– The herbal powder is recommended with lukewarm water at night, as it has the unique ability to gently cleanse and detoxify the system while simultaneously replenishing and nourishing it. In ayurvedic terms, triphala, used in moderation, is said to have a beneficial effect on all three doshas—vata, pitta, and kapha. It is most well-known for its gentle effects on the bowels, improving peristalsis and cleansing toxic build up of wastes; but Ayurveda also views triphala as a nourishing supplement known for its ability to rejuvenate healthy tissues, allowing one to age gracefully. If that’s not miraculous, then what is!

    And not to forget, self-nurturing practices: deep breathing, sleeping 7-8 hours a night & a nature walk daily. An exfoliating and Rejuvenating Massage therapy twice a week followed by steam and shower. All this works to get your body and mind back to their original factory settings—and get going to a fabulously fit and healthy you..

    TAF Rejuvenate Can help you get going and be the catalyst in the transformation of your mind and body….so what are you waiting for! Get ready to press the Reset button of life.

    Cheers to a glowing version of you!!

    Smile and Let Go to be Your Best Version!

    Smile and Let Go to be Your Best Version!

    Remember the last time you walked into a party and someone caught your eye? Chances are that it wasn’t the most gorgeous or the most skinny or the best dressed one in the room. It’s usually the happiest person who catches our attention…the one who is throwing their head back and having a big hearty laugh….the one telling the hilarious joke and making all around them feel good with a big smile…

    Life throws us so many challenges…one moment you’re dealing with work stress, and another moment it’s the pressure of all our relationships and their zillion demands! The ups and downs of emotions causes a lethal cocktail of chemicals to course down your body and bring problems of its own, and this is where you can do something to protect your mind and body from this onslaught…balance and de-stress by centering yourself. What this means is, focus on the positives in your life and keep these in the front of your consciousness. Another essential is to eat the right things that speed us along on this journey towards becoming your best version of yourself.

    Any form of depression or low feeling, no matter how mild, affects neurotransmitters that control mood, thought processes, appetite and behavior, making you more prone to eating poorly, skipping exercise, and gaining weight. Similarly, high stress levels cause your body to release the hormone cortisol, which makes us crave for energy and comfort (often in the form of pizza and cupcakes). This leads to a sugar-induced dopamine high, then the inevitable crash that causes you to seek even more dopamine, and so on, cyclically. All those extra empty calories are then stored in your body, most commonly in the form of—you guessed it—belly fat.

    And when you don’t work on it, the stubborn fat sticks to you… so don’t let that happen. So, whenever you are a bit low, include more of these on your plate to keep those happy chemicals high and the binge ones low…


    • Walnuts can boost levels of serotonin, which helps put you in a good mood.
    • About 40 grams of dark chocolate made from 75 percent cocoa reduces levels of stress hormones.
    • Chickpea contains folate, a vitamin B that’s needed to produce dopamine, a neurotransmitter that’s mostly associated with pleasure.
    • Yogurt – with some added fruit is sweet to taste buds and is loaded with tryptophan which is a mood enhancer
    • Sunflower seeds have loads of magnesium. A deficiency of this nutrient can lower your dopamine levels, making you feel low.

    Tell yourself everyday… I let Go of All that’s bothering me… and make space for new opportunities and happiness to enter my life…

    Move on… Trust yourself …and your body will respond…Just focus on being your best ..let go of the rest… Take a nature walk…hear the birds sing… watch your heart smile…Live it up! watch with wonderment the transformation happening in your mind and body.

    TAF offers professional help in the transformation process following not a linear but holistic approach. So let’s look the best we can.. and keep our spirit high and fun in fine fettle too…

    Can Hypothyroid Stop You from Being Your Best Version


    Dreaming of becoming your best version!! Hence you decided to get rid of the excess fat in your body as first step towards realizing the dream.Eating healthy and regular exercise are the key components for losing excess fat but, it’s difficult for someone with hypothyroidism to lose excess fat or maintain the ideal body composition because T3, the active thyroid hormone production is low. T3 is a powerful hormone that regulates the body’s metabolism which is one of the key elements in losing excess fat.

    So, how to start the journey. The most important thing you can do when you are diagnosed with hypothyroid is to fix your treatment line with the endocrinologist and getting to know the right dosage of medication required to control the levels and reviewing it time to time. Losing fat with hypothyroidism hits many stumbling blocks but people who have their hypothyroidism well-controlled shouldn’t struggle to lose fat more than anyone else. However, making a strategy to combat the ill effects of hypothyroid on your body will improve well being and boost the Fat Loss Success.

    Here are the seven strategies to jump-start fat loss with hypothyroidism:

    1. Consider going Gluten free for some time: Gluten is a protein found in wheat, oats and barley its high in goitrogens, which interferes with iodine uptake and suppress thyroid function. In hypothyroidism, when you cut gluten from the diet the antibodies steadily decrease which will be helpful in controlling hypothyroidism. Try to incorporate millets like Ragi, Jowar Bajra rather than going three meals with wheat and oats.

    2. Cut out simple carbs and sugars: Go for low-carbohydrate diet that focuses on complex carbohydrates (think starchy vegetables and legumes) and avoiding simple sugars (pass on the sweets and colas). According to Harvard Medical School, eating complex carbohydrates and avoiding simple carbs can help reduce the production of cytokines, which are tiny proteins that can influence inflammation in the body. But eating enough calories is important because “low calories can cause a stress response and result in decreased T3 production.”

    3. Eat more anti-inflammatory foods: Anti-inflammatory foods can help ease joint aches and pains all of which can result from hypothyroidism. An anti-inflammatory food can help soothe the immune system, which is often an “overdrive” in people with hypothyroidism. Leafy green vegetables(kale, cabbage, spinach), Turmeric, Ginger, Garlic, Tomatoes, Fatty Fish, Nuts(almonds, walnut), Fruit(berries, orange), & Olive Oil are helpful to battle inflammation & water retention.


    4. Stick to small frequent meals: Hypothyroidism slows digestive function and metabolism. “Eating smaller, more frequent meals with balanced macro-nutrients— quality proteins like whey, chicken breast tofu(avoid soya beans) & eggs complex carbs like brown rice, barley, legumes, sprouts quinoa & healthy fats like nuts & seeds— supports balanced blood sugar and helps avoid the highs and lows of over-sized, highly processed meals. Coconut is one such food which is medium chain triglyceride and helps in the situation.

    5. Keep a food log: Your daily calorie intake can quickly skyrocket unless you log everything you eat. A diet high in healthy fats, moderate proteins, and moderate to low carbohydrates is best for thyroid function. Watch out for calcium intake by having green leafy vegetables and low fat dairy food specially yogurt.

    6. Keep your body moving: Exercise is an important complement to a healthy diet to help burn calories & keeping the metabolism alive which slows down due to under activity of thyroid. But if you are terribly fatigued or grossly overweight exercise can further suppress hypothyroidism, in that case wellness therapies which enhance the blood circulation a passive form of exercise will be very helpful. Adding fun activity like dancing or playing a sport is also beneficial in keeping the ill effects of hypothyroidism at bay.

    Keep your body moving

    7. Counter your stress and fatigue: Stress further deactivates T3 hormone production. Take Rejuvenating massages and healing therapies to control stress. Keep a positive attitude and include yoga meditation pranayama in your routine. Certain yogaasana like dhanurasana help in activating the thyroid gland.practice such asanas under the guidance of experts and reap the benefits.

    Hypothyroid cannot take away the determination of losing that excess fat and your dream of being your best version for sure… but requires some smart combat steps.

    At TAF we can hold your hand in taking these steps. On our bespoke Reverse Fat and Best Version Programs you can be sure of success.


    DEEPAKJIT SINGH CEO Encompass Singapore

    TAF is a very nice and relaxing complete experience. The complete and comprehensive holistic approach has helped me reducing “inches” from specific areas. The combination of treatments has made me fit back into my jeans. All the best and wishing a very successful future.