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Switch To Fun Workout To Reverse Fat

Switch To Fun Workout To Reverse Fat


Do you find running on the treadmill boring but you do it somehow because you want to lose weight!
Does your trainer pushes you too hard to reach that 100th push up and still nothing is happening??

Researches have proved that Workout is more of a mind game, If you feel stressed about following a workout routine , there is hardly any chance that it will have a positive effect on your body, Rather it may have a negative impact.
Workout has a definite role to play while you are trying to lose fat i.e to burn calories and keeping the metabolism alive. But why restrict burning of calories through boring treadmills !Why not add some fun to calorie burning!

A fun filled fitness dance can replace your boring gym routine and give you much needed calorie burn. A fitness dance is a functional workout in which your target heart rate goes to the fat burning zone and remains there resulting in fat loss. Also Fun workout balances your body chemistry by releasing happy hormones which negate the effect of stress hormones preventing further fat accumulation. A fun workout scientifically paves the way for reversal of fat in your body.

We at TAF offer most vibrant Fun workout like Zumba, dance workout and Pilates under the guidance and supervision of certified trainers. TAF also offers yoga pranayama and wellness meditation which lets you achieve perfect mind and body synergy. Our Active Fitness programs are goal oriented and designed specifically to your fitness needs.
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Successful Fat loss Takes Programming – Not Just Will Power.


For any successful change to happen in our life we need to make a program and execute it well with determination.
Similarly, fat loss needs programming customized to individual requirement of age, gender, metabolic rate, lifestyle,  medical status & will power to execute it. Wrong programming does not yield any result and disappointment follows. Fat loss programming requires multiple steps at different stages. But the first step towards this programming is creating a negative calorie balance in the body.

What is a negative calorie balance, eating too little or sweat out to burn in the gym??

The solution lies in the balancing act,let us learn that act…
Our metabolic rate indicates the calories which are just sufficient to carry out regular functions of our body, if we go drastically down in starvation mode we may feel weak, irritable and lose muscle weight. We should get our metabolic rate checked through a reliable body composition analysis method and ascertain a daily calorie budget. Starting with a 10% cut each day and maintaining it for the first one week of starting a diet plan and gradually increasing up to 20%. At TAF, we make you learn the art of creating this negative calorie balance through the TAF App. In the app,  you have access to good food good nutrition info & a food log where you can login your food consumption. TAF App will do the maths of total calories consumption for you daily & it will help you stay on top of your calorie budget.

The next step is to include the cardio vascular physical activity which makes you burn between 100/150 calories on regular basis. Brisk walk, yoga, fitness dance you can choose any of the physical activities.

Let me give you a trick which aids you in the process of achieving your goal, include more fiber in the diet and lots of negative calorie foods. Our body will need more calories to digest these foods than the calories they have, it will automatically create a negative calorie balance.

negative calorie

At least, something is effortless in the whole process!! Also it busts the myth that starvation gives Fat loss. All high fiber fruits and leafy vegetables are negative calorie & consuming these foods boosts metabolism helping in fat loss.
So, snack on negative calorie foods like apples, guavas, watermelon, papaya, cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes, asparagus, broccoli, cabbage, zucchini & cauliflower in your daily diet. These negative calorie foods help fat burning vs. fat storage & control the appetite. These foods cleanse your liver so it can burn your fat more efficiently.

Next time when you eat an apple be guilt free & feel the negative calorie effect!!

Eat Smart to Reverse Your Fat

Its easier than you think to start eating smart. Take small steps each week to improve your nutrition and move towards healthier you. Small changes can make big difference & pave the way towards reversing your fat.

Here, I am giving eat smart goals which will help you to stay on top of your fat loss program:

#If you skip your breakfast your body has no fuel to kick start the metabolism that simply means-Fat will not breakdown. Eat nutritious breakfast rich in protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals every day to reverse your fat.

#You think skipping meals will help you control your calories..
Wrong- if you skip one meal by the time you reach next meal you will be ravenous and eat much more than your regular intake so don’t even think of skipping a meal if you want to reverse your fat.

#Dinner is a favorite meal for most of us, lets accept, we can’t have heavy and late dinner in the process of reversing fat. Allocate minimum calories of your calorie budget to dinner up to 350 calories. Occasionally indulge!! Stick to lunch invites mostly!

#If you eat fast try to change the habit, it takes 20 minutes for our brain to register that we are full, so eating fast will always make you eat more. Eat slowly & chew your food to reverse your fat.

#You always have access to food! why eat large portions? Eating large portions increases the glycemic load which hinders the fat reversal process. Eat small portions and frequent meals.

#No or low sweets is required to reverse your fat. The natural sugar from fruits or dry fruits and artificial sweeteners like stevia and sucralose is recommended in moderate quantities. Honey and jaggery might give you some health benefits over processed sugar but the calories remain the same. Learn to handle your sweet tooth by occasional dark chocolate & sweet dry fruit and slowly your conditioning will change.
P.S- your brain is plastic it can mould !!

#Don’t want to age!! Always pick natural vs processed. Natural foods promote alkaline pH in our body which helps to reverse the fat and builds anti aging process.
Snack on peanuts/pecan nuts/pumpkin seeds/pistachio/roasted chana rather than bhujia and chips.

#Follow nature to reverse your fat. Seasonal foods contain the nutrition required for a particular season. Adopt it.
For example, eating melons in winter months will lead to water retention on the other hand have carrots and oranges in winter for water and fiber.

#Except water everything has calories. Healthy doesn’t mean calorie free .Don’t be mislead by labels as fat free, sugar free, whole grains, multi grains. Give preference to such foods but check out the calories sticking to your calorie budget.

#Vegetarians step up your daily protein intake to reverse your fat and keeping it off. Low protein intake slows down metabolic rate and you gain fat easily. Keep adequate proteins- Add low fat cottage cheese ,low fat yogurt ,tofu ,nuts beans , amranth & quinoa to your daily nutrition. You can replace portions of cereals and other carbohydrates with protein portions to keep calorie budgets.

#Add fiber to your meal wherever you can to reverse your Fat. By adding wheat or oat bran or gram flour or millet flour to your flour. Having a plate full of salad before your meal. Snacking on high fiber fruits and nuts. Eating sprouts, bean salads, sauteed vegetables & greens in your main course.

Diet change healthy lifestyle concept and having the courage to accept the challenge of losing weight and fighting obesity and diabetes as an overweight person walking on a highwire asparagus from fatty food towards vegetables and fruit.

#Going for a party!! Don’t go empty stomach you will eat more. Eat a negative calorie fruit like apple, guava or a plate full of salad, it will fill you up, chances are you will eat less, will be able to control your portions. And it will not hinder your Fat Reversal Progress. Deep fried starters, thick gravies & cheese laden white sauces are too many calories. Make right choices with steamed, grilled, barbecued, sauteed and medium calorie marinara & red sauce.

#Alcohol in moderation accompanied by salads and grilled portions of fish, chicken, paneer, mushroom & tofu is what you have to aim for in Reversing your Fat. Going overboard in alcohol and rich heavy meals full of carbs will throw you off the wagon of Reversing Your Fat.


Reverse Stress for Reversing Fat

In our life span, we all go through rough times where we have to deal  with uncanny situations. Anxiety and stress during these periods alters our body chemistry leading to hormonal imbalances often manifesting in Weight gain.

How to give that much needed relaxation to mind and body and Reverse the effect of stress??

With the word relaxation, a spa therapy comes to the mind, but one odd spa therapy gives you relaxation which is short lived unless we work on the imbalances.

At TAF Spa for weight loss in Delhi, we have created spa therapies which are customized to counter the ill effects of stress. After assessing your stress levels on the perceived score we suggest a combination of Rejuvenating and Reverse FAT Spa therapies. Our aim is to restore the equilibrium of your mind and body to a state known as “Homeostasis”. It is a state where you start getting more nutrients and oxygen through blood circulation. Your muscles gain extra energy from the process which boosts your metabolism.

Also during these therapies your body releases hormones like endorphins and serotonin which are effective in countering cortisol, the hormone that creates the havoc on your system.

Our Spa therapies have worked wonders for those suffering from obesity, stress, and hormonal imbalances.

All our therapies come with dual benefits of rejuvenation and promoting Fat Loss in the body.

It is never too late, Reverse the ill effect of stress on your body with TAF Wellness.

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body shaping center in Delhi


You have neglected your body for a while and the Fat in your body is making you feel miserable.You assume that strenuous workout and starvation is required to cut down the fat that you have accumulated.  You don’t have the will power, you dread the seemingly high amount of effort involved in getting one size down. As a result the desire to get one size down becomes a suffering.

Here comes help to alleviate your suffering…

First of all you must know that successful Fat loss needs programming not just willpower, TAF does that programming for you through Fun Workout, Good Food Good Nutrition, Stress alleviation and Restoration of hormonal and metabolic imbalances. Seems like quite a lot – but it’s not; Visit TAF and discover how effective fat loss programming is done here in a very customized and effective way.

It’s time you bid farewell to your local fitness centers and morsel diets, where one size fits all..

TAF is one of its own kind FAT LOSS and BODY SHAPING Center in Delhi that truly believes in making you the best version of yourself through a combination of state-of-the-art technologies which work on your fat pockets and contour every part of your body so that you drop a few sizes down effortlessly. There is no catch here, you will not be sweating needlessly, you won’t be starving yourself and most of all,you won’t have to worry about not getting the desired results.We will not go bonkers to claim instantaneous results,But given some time our program does wonders for you.

Body Contouring

Team TAF comprises of doctors, physio therapists, nutritionists and trained therapists, we are committed to help you reverse fat and achieve a well contoured body & face so that you emerge as your Best version.

If you are looking for FAT LOSS and body shaping center in Delhi, drop in at TAF at The Sheesham Courtyard to get a TAF assessment over a cup of coffee. We will be happy to Assess -Aim- Act and help you attain your goals. We are located at an easily accessible location near Saket Metro Station. You can also call us for more details or send an email query at info@tafwellness.com.


DEEPAKJIT SINGH CEO Encompass Singapore

TAF is a very nice and relaxing complete experience. The complete and comprehensive holistic approach has helped me reducing “inches” from specific areas. The combination of treatments has made me fit back into my jeans. All the best and wishing a very successful future.