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TAF counter stress

TAF counter stress

Stress in your life quietly piles on Fat in your body. When under prolonged period of constant stress, your body gets into imbalance, where in the endocrine system releases high level of cortisol to deal with the situation. Sustained release of cortisol can cause high B.P. diabetes, insomnia, obesity and weakened immune system.

After assessing your stress level on perceived scale, we counter the imbalance through yogic breathing, chakra balancing, meditation and ayurveda stress control therapies.

As a result your body starts releasing beneficial & healthy hormones such as endorphin’s and serotonin’s that negate the effects of cortisol, which induces mental relaxation and returns the body to a state of equilibrium known as Homeostasis. On achieving this state Fat destabilization starts in the body helping in reversal of Fat.


DEEPAKJIT SINGH CEO Encompass Singapore

TAF is a very nice and relaxing complete experience. The complete and comprehensive holistic approach has helped me reducing “inches” from specific areas. The combination of treatments has made me fit back into my jeans. All the best and wishing a very successful future.

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