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Smile and Let Go to be Your Best Version!

Smile and Let Go to be Your Best Version!

Remember the last time you walked into a party and someone caught your eye? Chances are that it wasn’t the most gorgeous or the most skinny or the best dressed one in the room. It’s usually the happiest person who catches our attention…the one who is throwing their head back and having a big hearty laugh….the one telling the hilarious joke and making all around them feel good with a big smile…

Life throws us so many challenges…one moment you’re dealing with work stress, and another moment it’s the pressure of all our relationships and their zillion demands! The ups and downs of emotions causes a lethal cocktail of chemicals to course down your body and bring problems of its own, and this is where you can do something to protect your mind and body from this onslaught…balance and de-stress by centering yourself. What this means is, focus on the positives in your life and keep these in the front of your consciousness. Another essential is to eat the right things that speed us along on this journey towards becoming your best version of yourself.

Any form of depression or low feeling, no matter how mild, affects neurotransmitters that control mood, thought processes, appetite and behavior, making you more prone to eating poorly, skipping exercise, and gaining weight. Similarly, high stress levels cause your body to release the hormone cortisol, which makes us crave for energy and comfort (often in the form of pizza and cupcakes). This leads to a sugar-induced dopamine high, then the inevitable crash that causes you to seek even more dopamine, and so on, cyclically. All those extra empty calories are then stored in your body, most commonly in the form of—you guessed it—belly fat.

And when you don’t work on it, the stubborn fat sticks to you… so don’t let that happen. So, whenever you are a bit low, include more of these on your plate to keep those happy chemicals high and the binge ones low…


  • Walnuts can boost levels of serotonin, which helps put you in a good mood.
  • About 40 grams of dark chocolate made from 75 percent cocoa reduces levels of stress hormones.
  • Chickpea contains folate, a vitamin B that’s needed to produce dopamine, a neurotransmitter that’s mostly associated with pleasure.
  • Yogurt – with some added fruit is sweet to taste buds and is loaded with tryptophan which is a mood enhancer
  • Sunflower seeds have loads of magnesium. A deficiency of this nutrient can lower your dopamine levels, making you feel low.

Tell yourself everyday… I let Go of All that’s bothering me… and make space for new opportunities and happiness to enter my life…

Move on… Trust yourself …and your body will respond…Just focus on being your best ..let go of the rest… Take a nature walk…hear the birds sing… watch your heart smile…Live it up! watch with wonderment the transformation happening in your mind and body.

TAF offers professional help in the transformation process following not a linear but holistic approach. So let’s look the best we can.. and keep our spirit high and fun in fine fettle too…

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DEEPAKJIT SINGH CEO Encompass Singapore

TAF is a very nice and relaxing complete experience. The complete and comprehensive holistic approach has helped me reducing “inches” from specific areas. The combination of treatments has made me fit back into my jeans. All the best and wishing a very successful future.

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